Traditional Bathrooms

Just a small selection of the Traditional Bathrooms we offer. Please contact us for a brochure or for more information.

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No house is complete without a beautiful bathroom (or perhaps two!). Too often do people focus on the functionality of the bathroom and forget about its style. Yet there is no reason not to have both! Take the beautiful heritage bathrooms for instance. Tiled floors and wide spaces make this one of the more spacious classic bathrooms. Heritage bathrooms will compliment the style of almost any house, and combine Victorian style with classic functionality.

Whether you have a lot of room or only a little space, heritage bathrooms will leave you with enough room to comfortably move around. A small bathroom does not automatically mean a cramped bathroom! If you are adamant on having a bathtub, then a beautiful old Victorian bathroom might be your best bet. Traditionally this comes with the famous footed bathtub, but other options are available if that isn’t your thing. Decorations are scarce in this room; instead these classical bathrooms get their beauty from open spaces and lots of light. Whether you are looking for a big family bathroom or want a more romantic mood, Victorian bathrooms are versatile, functional and stylish. They are a stylish addition to any house.

Talk to one of our specialists to discuss your options and provide you with bathroom and ensuite ideas.  Our high quality bathrooms are made with the best available accessories and furniture… at the lowest prices.

With the wide range of brands, styles, materials and colours available, finding your dream bathroom can be a daunting task. So contact us today and let our specialists advise you!

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