Top 5 Electric Kitchen gadgets for Christmas

Posted by on November 20, 2012 in Abbeywood Blog, Kitchens | 0 comments

Looking for some inspiration on what to buy the ultimate foodie who loves technology this Christmas? Here are our top 5 gadgets for gifts.

1. Scanomat Top Brewer

The Scanomat Top Brewer is the epitome of techy kitchenware. This top of the line brewing system allows you, upon installation of the accompanying app, to control your coffee brewing from afar. Simply touch the type of drink that you would like on the app screen and the Top Brewer gets to work, pumping out just the right amount of milk, water, foam, and coffee to make you the perfect beverage. No more early morning stumbling and grumbling, working with a hot stove and trying to steadily wield a pot of scalding water before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee!

2. Kenwood Cooking Chef

The classic stand up mixer is a wonderful tool. With bread hook, whisk, and simple mixing attachments it allows you to put together the recipes for all of your favourite baked goods with a simple changing of attachment. The Kenwood Cooking Chef takes the convenience of the mixer and adds a heating element. If you have ever read a recipe in which it says “put on low heat and stir constantly for 20 mins” then you have probably used your own imagination to think up some fantastical creation similar to the Cooking Chef. It uses an induction heating element to heat the bowl while it is being mixed, allowing you to make the perfect polenta, wonderful stews and soups, and all with the convenience of a simple mixer.

3.Induction Stovetops

Heating food is the first job of any kitchen, so why not do it efficiently? Gas and classic electric stoves, up to this point, have been the two main types of stovetop both of these, however, have their drawbacks. The gas stove is wasteful and hard to clean, no matter how many different sizes of burners you have, a large percentage of the heat is simply spilling out the sides and up into your kitchen. The classic electric stove can be a simpler smooth design, but it takes a long time to heat up and stays hot for a long time after it has been used, it also suffers from similar heating inefficiencies to the gas stove. Until recently these were the two main options for stovetop heating, but a third type of stove has been making its way onto the market. Although it creates heat using electricity, the induction stovetop is not like the classic electric stove. It uses a copper coil to create an oscillating magnetic field, this magnetic field meets resistance in the metal of the pot which causes the pot to heat up. In the induction cooker, the stovetop is not being heated, it is actually the pot itself that is the heating element. Because of this, pots must be made out of the correct metal to function as the heating element, but all magnetic grade steel works on an induction cooker, and a simple test to see if the pan will work is to take a fridge magnet and attempt to stick it to the base of the pan, if it sticks, the pan will work. Because the pan itself is the only thing being heated, much less heat is simply being lost in the air around it and energy waste is significantly reduced.

4. Digital Outlet Timer

The classic kitchen timer of old, with its characteristic harsh jangle is slowly fading out of existence. As timers get built into more and more appliances, you will soon find yourself with four or five objects in your kitchen that are all able to keep track of time for you and even turn themselves off or on at specified times. However, if you are the type of person who develops a relationship with an appliance or simply likes to keep things that work well, you will also have accumulated a number of them that cannot. These appliances can work great and do exactly what they’re supposed to, even so, you may find yourself wishing that your old battle steeds did have the new fangled timing devices built into them. The solution for this is a digital outlet timer. If you have, for instance, an old slow cooker that still cooks great, but just has that one missing feature, or you wish that If you have an old slow cooker, that works perfectly, but is just missing that one feature, or even if you have an old electric oven that you wish you could set to turn off, the digital outlet timer will do the trick. The best of these timers are programmable and you can set them on a daily schedule or simply program them on a one use basis, the only problem is that one of your reasons to buy that shiny new cooker just went out the window.

5. CBO 1000 Oven Central

Many kitchen gadgets these days are made for the cook who has everything. With the water cookers, turkey fryers, avocado cubers and endless other ultra specialized kitchen utensils out there, little or no focus is put on the chef that has nothing. The CBO 1000 Oven Central is the kitchen appliance for the kitchenless chef. Now all you need is a simple electric outlet and you can bake, roast, steam, sauté, skewer, griddle, toast, and brown. The CBO 1000 comes with skewers and a cupcake tin and you can do anything from grill kebabs to bake scones. Now if the recession comes for you, at least you’ll be able to have cupcakes.