Plan and Organise Your Bathroom Renovation Project

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Each homeowner has to invest multiple resources and adequate funds to renovate their bathroom. The required amount of planning, designing and work vary from one bathroom renovation project to another. Sometime the project can be complex and difficult. You may further be required you to hire a credible company offering bathroom remodeling services. So you must concentrate on some key points when you decide to renovate your bathroom. In addition to organising a comprehensive checklist, you also have to decide the schedule and budget of the entire project.

Determine the Extent of Bathroom Renovation

The nature and extent of bathroom renovation project varies from one homeowner to another. Some people remodel their bathrooms to enjoy a spa-like experience, whereas others invest in the project to increase the resale value of their property. So you have to identify the areas of the bathroom that needs to be updated or replaced. Based on your requirements, you can salvage specific items or get all the furnishing and fixtures completely gutted. Once you decide the nature and extent of bathroom remodeling project, it will be easier to make the schedule and budget.

Make a Construction Schedule

You must prepare the construction schedule by keeping in mind the amount of time required for demolition and construction work. Along with the time required to demolish the bathroom, you also need to decide the time required for plumbing, carpentry, flooring and drywall. Also, you need to include the time required for electric work and installing tiles, fixtures, cabinets and drywall. In comparison the other activities, you need to allocate more time for tiling. While making the schedule, it is also important to allocate additional time for contingencies and unexpected activities.

Decide the Budget

Based on your aspiration, the bathroom renovation project can be expensive. So you must decide the budget in advance to procure the required funds and resources. The budget needs to include the amount of money required for demolishing and removing of old fixtures and flooring, and buying and installing new fixtures and flooring. Also, you have to include the cost of labour required to complete various parts of the project. If you are finding it difficult to fund the complete bathroom renovation project, it is a good idea to divide the project into manageable sections. You can further prepare budget for individual sections at a time.

Concentrate on New Design and Layout

While renovating your bathroom, you have options to completely change its layout and arrangement. For instance, you can consider installing more than one sink to allow more than one people to use the bathroom simultaneously in the morning. Similarly, you can also add a jetted tub by moving the toilet to another spot. At the same time, you also have options to choose from a range of colour schemes and tile designs to make your renovated bathroom look chic and sophisticated. It is also advisable for you to gather bathroom remodeling ideas from both online and offline sources to provide your home with the desired look and feel.

Execute the Bathroom Remodeling Plan

Finally, you have to buy new fixtures and flooring to complement your bathroom renovation plan and budget. It is also a good idea to purchase the new items before demolishing your outdated bathroom. This way you can make the transition easy between the demolition and construction phases. However, you will also need the services of skilled labourers, plumbers and electricians to carry out specific aspects of the renovation project. At the same time, you can also consider availing professional bathroom renovation services offered by companies to implement the plan in the most effective way.