Child safety in the Bathroom

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How to Child Proof Your Bathroom

What's better than being in the bath?

Water plus electrical outlets plus hard surfaces equals potential disaster, especially for your newborn or curious toddler. Children are eager to learn everything and unfortunately this can sometimes lead to injury. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom can be a very hazardous room for your child. Here are a few items and tips to help avoid both injuries and messes.

There are many great items for child proofing your bathroom on the market today.A toilet seat lock will not only keep your child from throwing objects in the toilet, but also from throwing him/herself in there. Tap covers, which now come in any shape, color, or child friendly character you can imagine, are cute and keep your child from seriously hurting him/herself on the tap.Bath thermometers are essential for making sure the water temperature is child friendly (between 37 and 38 degrees Celsius). Water too cold can lower your child’s body temperature, and water too hot will hurt in less than a second. Slipping is another huge hazard in a bathroom, so a few non slip mats are a great idea, for both the floor and the bathtub.

Make use of your mirror cabinet by putting all sharp objects, such as scissors, razors, fingernail clippers, safely away. This is also a great hiding place for medicines and mouthwash, which contains more alcohol than wine. You definitely do not want your child to get hold of these! If you do not have this nifty cabinet behind your mirror, invest in an over the toilet shelf to stow these items out of reach of your little ones. Just make sure it isn’t climbable.

And of course, never ever leave your child alone in the bathtub. Bring your phone with you in the bathroom so you can answer or make any necessary calls. If you must leave the room, scoop your child up in a towel and take him/her with you. Keeping your child out of the bathroom can be somewhat of a challenge. All you need to do in install a hook and eye lock out of reach of the young ones. This will ensure that, even though he or she may already know how to open doors, there will be no unattended bathroom exploration. A childproof doorknob cover will also do the trick, but even some adults find these contraptions irritating.

Your child’s safety is most important to you, so following these tips and investing in these items is not a question. They keep bath time safe and fun.