Birthday Gifts for the Cook

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The kitchen is not just a place to make food, but an area for the family to interact and get together and at Abbeywood we love to cook.   No matter the age or expertise, the home cook is always looking for the next item for their kitchen.  Far from your everyday cookbook, these seven birthday gifts are guaranteed to get you a home cooked meal.

Small Gifts (£5-15)

OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting Brush:

Everybody has an old, wood bristle basting brush lying around with years of crusted sauce and egg wash in it.  Finally, after decades of the same old brush, the silicone brush is here to the rescue.  The Good Grips brush has fine outer bristles for even coating, and a large, porous center bristle to pick up and hold even more sauce.  A quick rinse and you can move from sauce to sauce without any cross contamination. (Amazon: £4.00 )

Microplane Zester and Grater:

Available with different sizes, grating types, and handles, the microplane is the perfect small gift for any cook.  This hand held grater is ‘Grate’ for cheese, zest, ginger, and more.  The lightweight, easy grip design makes it easy to add the final touch to a dish or grate large amounts in bulk.  Able to fit into any drawer with its molded plastic sheath, it makes those large, bulky graters a thing of the past.  (Amazon: £13.25)

Mid-range Gifts (£15-30)

Vic Firth Pump and Grind Salt and Pepper Mills:
This set of handheld, easy to use salt and pepper mills makes the perfect gift for the cook that always tries to balance too many dishes at once.  Designed to be used with a single hand, the pump can be operated with just one finger, freeing up the other hand for stirring or mixing.  The stylish stainless steel design fits into every kitchen and the small, portable size fits into every hand.  (Sur la Table: £20.00)

Salter Stainless Steel Electronic Scale:

Odds are your home cook has measuring cups and spoons, but for serious baking and technical cooking, ingredients are listed by weight, not volume.  This simple to use, elegant, and stylish scale is sensitive enough to weight the smallest nuts and sturdy enough for pounds of flour.  With the built in ‘zero’ function, any pot, pan, or bowl can be used.  (Amazon: £22.99)

Messermeister Chef’s Torch:

Looking for something unique for your culinary artist?  A chef’s torch is the perfect way to help them taking their cooking to a whole new level.  The world of homemade crème brûlées, seared sashimi, crusted gratins, or browned merengues is now open.  (Messermeister: £20.00)

High-end Gifts (£75+)

iSi Stainless Steel Non-Aerosol Whipper:

Whipped creams if the perfect complement to nearly every dessert.  However, no cook wants to spend hours making their favorite dessert just to top it with store bought whipped cream, and making your own can often be a hassle.  The iSi whipper can create decorative, elaborate designs with instant, homemade whipped cream.  Also great for mixing dressings, mousses, or mayonnaises, the whipper makes daunting tasks effortless. (Amazon: £102.00)

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Compressor:

 The ultimate addition any master home cook’s collection, this automatic ice cream, sorbet, and gelato maker can turn out a batch according to any preference in under an hour.  Whether you want to entertain or create, this gift will keep giving back. (Williams-Sonoma: £291.00)


Buying a gift for the home cook can often be one of the most mutually beneficial presents, so don’t be afraid to tune your choice to something you’d want to try.