Bespoke Kitchens: Items for your consideration

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So, you’ve decided to go for a bespoke kitchen, one that has been uniquely designed and created with your personal tastes and whims in mind? Bespoke kitchens, rather than commercially produced fitted kitchens, may cost you more due to the individual requirements and preferences involved. Therefore, it is worthwhile considering a few points first rather than plunging headlong into what may be an expensive process.

Firstly, ask your family, friends or work colleagues if they’ve recently had kitchens fitted and if they had any positive experiences with specific individuals or companies. First-hand accounts of dealing with companies can be useful in ascertaining if they carry out work on time and on budget.  Asking family and friends also allows you to ask questions that you couldn’t directly ask the potential contractors: Were they friendly and professional, how good were they at answering questions, did they turn up on time, how much care did they take in doing the job?

Also, shop around for prices, testimonials and so on. The cost of fitting a kitchen tailored to your needs will vary, so ensure that you are getting the very best in value and service for your money. Reputable bespoke kitchen firms should have portfolios of previous work readily available – pictures of kitchens in their finished state rather than just graphic designs.  Ask to see these before you make your decision.

Make sure that you have a contract drawn up before any work is undertaken, detailing how much the various fixtures and fittings will cost, the precise work that will be undertaken and how long it will be expected to take. Making sure that everything is clear at the beginning, and in writing, may avoid any uncertainty when your kitchen is being built and installed.

Consider how ‘bespoke’ you actually wish your kitchen to be. It may be possible for you to save money by opting for pre-built cupboard frames with handmade doors as an option, rather than having cupboards built from scratch. Will there be any jobs that you are capable of carrying out yourself – such as painting – as this may help to reduce cost? If not, ensure every task such as this has been specified and included in the original quote.

Finally, try to ‘think local’ as much as possible. Use the services of firms and suppliers in your neighbourhood.  They may have worked together in the past and so have a good working relationship – they may be able to negotiate discounts, for example. Using local suppliers boosts your local economy, particularly if those suppliers also use locally sourced materials in designing your kitchen.

Hopefully, the above gives you some pointers in choosing the right bespoke kitchen fitting firm for you.

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